There is no doubt that unfiltered water nowadays can bring about so many complications on millions of users from skin diseases to different types of bacteria that affect our digestive system.


Not a lot of people understand the crucial benefits and necessity of using the best water filter in order to ensure that you ingest safe and healthy water. And even if you only intend to use is bathing, the best filtering system is just as important as when you intend to drink it because it can still cause irritations that are very difficult to manage in the future.


Benefits of the best Water Filtering System


It reduces the risk of cancer.


The best filtered water helps prevent complications such as colon cancer, rectal cancer and bladder cancer that can be brought about by the presence of chlorine being consumed.


  1. Removes dangerous contaminants.


Removing dangerous contaminants in the water you drink ensures that you and your family are far from potential diseases that can bring about by pollution. The best filtering systems also have the ability to keep mineral deposits that are considered healthy and important to your body.


  1. It costs less than buying bottled water.


For a much lesser cost, the best water filtering system can provide you the same healthy and clean water that you would purchase in the best, most popular bottles.


  1. Provides protection against toxins.


Quite often, the only thing that gets in the way of toxins from entering your body is the the best filter. Surely, you would not want to compromise your health and that of your family.


The Best Shower Head Filters


There are numerous choices out there when it comes to the best shower water filter system. You just need to study them in order to determine which one will best suit your needs and ensure that you enjoy the best benefits it can provide at the same time.


PRODUCT #5: Opus Aroma Sense AS-701 Aromatherapy Vitamin C Handheld Shower Head


This large silver colored Opus model has a chlorine removal mechanism that eliminates the elements that includes trihalomethane and contaminant residues. Trihalomethanes are chemical compounds where three of the four hydrogen atoms of methane are replaced by halogen atoms. They are commonly used as solvents or refrigerants in some industries.  


When ingested, trihalomethanes have been scientifically proven to cause carcinogenic activity in laboratory animals. It also means that they are harmful to human beings.


Interestingly, this particular shower head has a vitamin C replenishment feature, meaning, it contains the best vitamin C concentrate that is responsible for making your skin and hair healthier and smoother, and looking it’s best. So if you are thinking of getting the best shower water filter for hair, this may be something that will best suit your need.


Additionally, it comes with an aromatherapy effect by including the best genuine natural aroma oils that are commonly used to promote relaxation both of the body and the mind. The best natural aroma oils are well known for reducing stress levels.


Additional features of the Opus Aroma Sense AS-701 Aromatherapy Vitamin C Handheld Shower Head include water and pressure conservation. It reduces consumption by 25% and is capable of producing the best optimized pressure that is 1.5 times greater than most branded shower heads that you may have already chanced upon in stores.


The Opus Aroma Sense AS-701 Aromatherapy Vitamin C Handheld Shower Head is also capable of generating negative ions. This is made possible through the best innovative spray plate hole that is specially designed to generate 421,000 negative ions.


Negative ions are beneficial to human health as these are also known as oxygen ions charged with an extra electron. Negative ions are produced naturally by the combined effects of water, air, sunlight, and our planet’s natural radiation. They are capable of eliminating bacteria, viruses and hazardous airborne particles to mention a few.


This showerhead model is available on Amazon for $85.


PRODUCT #4: Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head


This particular shower head model is NSF certified KDF filter. NSF International is an accredited and independent third-party certification body whose primary responsibility is to conducts tests on products to check if they are able to best meet public health and safety standards.


The KDF filter, on the other hand, such as the KDF55 redox media is a patented tool which is responsible for removing contaminants by utilizing the principle known as electrochemical oxidation-reduction or redox potential. The copper and zinc chelates that are produced in this whole process of filtering harmful chemicals present in the water source are considered the best healthy nutrients that your body needs.


Through its KDF filter, the Rainshow’r CQ-1000-MS Shower Filter with Massaging Shower Head promotes healthier and younger looking skin. Aside from these, the KDF filter also contributes to making your hair more manageable, and looking its best.


The product is also known to be able to remove 90% or more of free chlorine. Interestingly, it also has the ability to best reduce fading of color-treated hair. It also prevents drying of the skin and scalp.


If what you have in mind is the best shower water filter, this is something worth considering. The shower head can last six to nine months or at least 25,000 gallons of water. This is available on Amazon for $45.52.


PRODUCT #3: Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System


This Aquasana shower head lets you enjoy bathing in the best pristine water as its coconut shell carbon and copper-zinc combination reduces the amount of chlorine, mercury, iron, lead, hydrogen sulfide, pesticides, herbicides, and other potentially damaging organic compounds present in your water source.


The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System is gentle on both your skin and hair. As a result, expect shinier and healthier, the best looking skin and hair.


Furthermore, the design of this particular water filter system not only removes chlorine, but also breathable chemicals that come out in your shower steam. This product allowed you to enjoy the benefits of the best air quality that contributes greatly to making your skin look amazing.


What is exciting about this particular shower head is that it comes with the best premium massaging shower head that has multiple massage settings. Moreover, its unique up-flow design maintains your best strong water pressure.


The Aquasana AQ-4100 Deluxe Shower Water Filter System is considered to be one of the best, most reliable and long lasting filters available in the market today. It takes six months, at a minimum, until you would need to replace it. This is priced at $67.99 on Amazon.


PRODUCT #2: WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System


If you’re looking for the best shower head filter out there, you might want to check out the second product on our list – the WaterChef SF-7C Premium Shower Filter System. If you want something high-impact, this must be the one you are looking for.


It comes with the best plated ABS with metal fittings and a powerful 2-stage system with a thermal guard for the ultimate chlorine reduction process. The shower filter system is also NSF tested and certified with NSF/ ANSI Standard 177 for chlorine reduction. This means that the shower filter is directly attached to the pipe just in front of your shower head and guarantees the reduction of free available chlorine.


The shower filter system comes with the best deluxe shower wand that features five adjustable spray patterns that you can choose from depending on your use. It also includes a pulsating massage for your distressing needs.


It features the best anti-clog rubber spray nozzle and a 60-inch steel flex-hose that is PVC-free and odorless. The filter system is easy to install and comes with a pre-installed cartridge and a 3-year warranty.


If you are interested in buying it on Amazon, it is priced at $79.95.


PRODUCT #1: Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System (our choice for the best shower filter for hard water)


When it comes to the best shower filter for hard water, the Jonathan Product Beauty Hard Water Shower Filter System is on top of our list. This best shower filter for hard water system removes copper and lead from the tap water you use daily. Additionally, it also gets rid of heavy metals and replaces them with the best healthy potassium ions to balance off your pH levels.


This best filter system is proud to announce that it removes 91% of chlorine from your potentially polluted water and transforms it into a pH-balanced water that can make your skin look healthy and your hair shiny. 


Using pure and chemical-free water when you shower guarantees that your hair and skin will feel softer and healthier. As a result, it prolongs your hair color and keeps it shiny, and you looking your best at the same time. 


It would take at least six months before you need to consider changing your filter. It can be bought for $79 on Amazon.




When choosing the best shower head filter or the best shower water filter, or the best shower filter for hard water, always consider what kind of system the product is using and its ability to reduce or totally eliminate the presence of chlorine in your water source. By making sure that the mechanism of the filter is able to minimize the ill effects of chlorine on your body, you are working on maintaining a healthier skin and manageable hair, and looking your best.


Find your best bet towards safe and healthy water for you and your family.