Two thirds of the earth is covered by water, and the human body is also composed of a similar ratio of water, making it essential to our health. We are able to survive for more than a week without food, but try to go for three days without water and just about anyone would perish by then. This makes water extremely crucial in ensuring our well being, so the quality of water that we drink is very important in determining our health in the long run. Installing the best reverse osmosis system in a home should be a compulsory action for any homeowner in order to improve the overall quality of water.


Unlike water softening systems that do nothing more than to remove hard metals, the best RO systems in the market will be able to do away with unwanted chemicals, minerals, bacteria and even viruses; basically anything and everything that is detrimental to our health, in order to deliver great tasting water. Even food that has been prepared using filtered water systems will taste a whole lot better. The reverse osmosis water system is not a fad as more and more people discover its benefits to their health, hence creating a snowball effect where popularity of such systems grow.


We have done our RO system homework to narrow down the five best reverse osmosis water systems that are currently available in the market, so that you do not have to go through the trouble of losing sleep over which particular model to purchase.


Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

We found the Home Master TMHP HydroPerfection Undersink Reverse Osmosis water filter system to arrive with all the bells and whistles right out of the box. This is a full feature RO system which comprises of the all important permeate pump. The presence of a permeate pump boasts of a twofold benefit: it is able to increase the overall RO system output to 75 gallons each day while helping save the amount of water required in order to flush the RO membrane during the cleaning process. Such engineering design results in a favorable waste water ratio of 1:1, which translates to a gallon of pure water produced wasting an equivalent volume of waste water.


We also like the fact that the Home Master TMHP comes with its very own UV (ultraviolet) light system that has been proven effective to kill up to 99.8% of microorganisms after the water filtration process. The overall acidity level of the water will be further reduced after it is passed through the built-in remineralization filters. The latest model of the Home Master TMHP will also feature an upgraded faucet with a generously sized ⅜-inch diameter tubing that will further increase the flow rate and speed so that everyone in the home is able to enjoy pure water without having to wait for too long.


In terms of maintenance, the modular RO filters are a snap to change when they reach their respective replacement dates. We could do it in a jiffy without having to have a degree in rocket science, as all it requires is pulling out of the previous RO system filters and installing the RO new ones in situ. While we can easily replace the expired RO system filters without having to use any tools at all, we love the fact that the filters are durable and effective enough to require a replacement once every 12 months or 2,000 gallons of filtered water produced, whichever comes first.


We are more than happy to pay a premium for the Home Master TMHP as we rate it highly, placing it in the echelons of the best reverse osmosis systems out there.


Home Master TMULTRA Ultra Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

Each home has its very own water needs. Some people drink water like a thirsty camel in a desert, while others somehow live in a minimal amount daily. We found the Home Master TMULTRA Ultra Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System to be the perfect RO addition in homes that do not consume or use too much water, hence the maximum pure water output of 50 gallons each day by the Home Master TMULTRA fits the RO bill.


We found this to be an extremely efficient best reverse osmosis system, as it takes city or well water and performs its magic which results in filtered water. A single gallon of filtered water that is produced by the Home Master TMULTRA will waste approximately four gallons of water. All of the waste water will be put to good use in order to flush the RO (reverse osmosis) membrane so that the internal parts will be regularly cleaned. A higher pressure inlet water will be able to see a dramatic reduction in waste water generated, and homeowners with this system installed can have an optional permeate pump in place so that one ends up with a waste water ratio of 1:1. Such a radical reduction in waste water generation will see an increase in the RO system’s potential output to hit 75 gallons each day.


Knowing that there can be nasty microorganisms lurking about even in filtered water, the Home Master TMULTRA will boast of a UV light that will kill off up to 99.9% of microorganisms after having the filtered water pass through the UV segment. Such convenience means there is no need to boil water any more unless one would like to indulge in a piping hot beverage.


Featuring a modular filter design that is easy to change without any tools required, the flexibility of the Home Master TMULTRA makes it one of the best RO systems in the market. The accompanying 5-year limited warranty sweetens the deal further.


Home Master TMAFC Artesian Full Contact Undersink Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System

While we know how RO water can have a rather bland taste despite the health benefits, we decided to look for something that will make our water taste best. In our search for such a system, we came across the Home Master TMAFC Artesian RO system. Quickly realizing that this is one of the best RO systems available, we cannot help but recommend it to those with sensitive taste buds. The Home Master TMAFC Artesian RO system ensures that purified water will have to go through a remineralization filter not once, but twice. This forced process will see minerals being added into the water, while lowering the overall acidity level of the water that made us think that we were drinking freshly harvested mineral water from the Swiss Alps.


In tandem with majority of the existing RO systems, the Home Master TMAFC Artesian will have to generate waste water in order to deliver purified and mineralized water. The amount of clean drinking water produced depends on the feed water pressure level. When putting the Home Master TMAFC Artesian through its paces via industry standard test pressures and temperatures, it will end up with a waste water ratio of 4:1 for each gallon of pure drinking water.


Expect the modular RO filters to have a shelf life of 12 months or 2,000 gallons of pure water produced, whichever comes first. Like other Home Master reverse osmosis water systems, this one takes the tool-less route in replacing the water filters. It takes approximately an hour to install for the average DIY enthusiast, and to help in the RO installation process, all pipes have been color-coded beforehand.


APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System (ESSENCE ROES-50)

There are times when the best reverse osmosis water filter system is the winner of a popularity contest, and this is where we found the APEC Top Tier 5-Stage Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System to be a selection that can be found from the top drawer. Being one of the most popular under sink RO systems, it will create pure water after passing feed water through a trio of filtration stages prior to hitting the RO membrane. Once the water passes through the RO membrane, it will then be sent in the direction of a coconut shell carbon filter. This is the final part of the RO water filtration process that will further reduce whatever taste is left from the water prior to redirecting the purified water into a four gallon storage tank.


However, we found that the ROES–50 is not that efficient in saving water, where three gallons of waste water is produced in order to obtain a single gallon of pure water. The shelf life of the filters in the initial three stages is also shorter than usual, requiring a change approximately once in every six months. The best RO system membrane as well as fifth stage coconut shell filter will need a replacement between two to three years’ of use, depending on what kind of water quality goes through it. Keeping track of the dates can be tricky as we already have so many things to juggle with in our daily lives.


iSpring RCC7 WQA Gold Seal Certified 5-Stage Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

Want a RO system that is able to produce a higher capacity every single day? If so, the iSpring RCC7 RO system should be on the shortlist. Capable of delivering up to 75 gallons of pure water each day, this is an extremely efficient non-pumped system. Ultimately, the volume of pure water production is dependant on the inlet water pressure as well as temperature, so results will vary based on where it is installed. We also like the fact that it requires a mere two gallons to produce a single gallon of pure water, but again, this depends on the amount of feed water pressure.


With the iSpring RCC 7 RO system, it claims to be able to remove up to 98% of nasty elements from the water, including chemicals, heavy metals, sediment, and different kinds of contaminants. After ridding the water from these undesirable elements, it will  then add beneficial minerals back to the water, increasing the pH value of the water so that it is less acidic and healthier to consume in the long run. Each RO filter cartridge has a shelf life of approximately half a year, assuming that the feed water quality is clean in the first place. A dirtier water source would require a more frequent change of filter cartridges.



We hope that we are able to help out those who are mulling over which is the best RO systems to purchase. Ultimately, we always advise people to purchase one that suits your needs and fits your budget.