In case you are wondering what causes the buildup in your pipes or kettles, look no further than the water you use at home. Coined as hard water, it contains high mineral content and has traces of calcium and magnesium. That looks no different than the water you drink but is distinguished by the lack of bubble formation when you use soap. While hard water has moderate health benefits, gizmos that regularly use water accumulate mineral deposits that impair their function. That is why you need to purchase the best salt free softener to extend the life of your home appliances.


What is a Salt Free Softener?


Traditional softeners use salt in very low levels and replace calcium and magnesium particles with sodium. This, in turn, avoids buildups in pipes and that slippery feel when you use soap. These softeners use a tank full of polystyrene beads where the exchange between the deposits and salt particles take place. The beads need to be soaked with a strong solution of sodium chloride from time to time, rendering traditional softeners unusable in that period. The process may also be tedious for some homeowners, as this creates a lot of salty water before it can be usable again.


Salt free softeners, on the other hand, use electricity, magnetism or reverse osmosis to prevent mineral contact and solidification. These are best, they are safer and more effective alternatives to traditional ones. Salt free softeners need very little maintenance, if any. You also do not have to worry about your salt intake as the process is chemical-free. While purists do not think these salt free variants as softeners, these help prevent damage to your appliance and extends the life of your plumbing system. It is only a matter of picking a salt free softener that is best for your family and best in the market.


How Can I Find the Salt Free Softener?


Beware of the promises manufacturers make when they advertise the effectiveness of their best softeners. Salt free softeners do not use chemicals, hence, they only keep minerals from being deposited in pipes and other home appliances. Yet these have advantages that traditional softeners that use salt do not have. For instance, the best salt free softener should save more water as these do not require strong solutions for cleaning. Maintenance should not also be an issue, as these need little to none, once you own one.


Also note whether the salt free softener you are interested at eats a lot of power. Most of these do not require much electricity to work. Salt free softeners must also do not produce wastewater nor affect the salinity of ground water. Lastly, you should research about the best manufacturer’s warranty or return policy. Some salt free softeners really work, and there are units that do not function at all.


If you are a first-time buyer, these salt free softeners may look just the same. That is why we prepared a best salt free water softener list for 2019 and guide you in your purchase.


#5 Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System


First off is Clearwave Electronic Softener System, works best in preventing buildups rather than softening the hard water. It uses electromagnetic waves in neutralizing minerals that may be deposited in your pipes, faucets and home appliances that regularly use water. Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System prevents solidification of magnesium and calcium until these flow out of your drainage system. This best salt free conditioner is fairly large, measuring 4 x 14 x 12 inches and weighs about 2.6 pounds. Since it works using electromagnetic waves, devices that emit frequency emissions need to be placed away from this gizmo.


What we liked best about Clearwave Electronic Water Softener System is the ease of installation and use. You only need to follow the instruction manual and will not definitely need a help of contractor to do the same. Plug in this best salt free softener and it works just as intended. It works best on pipelines where water flows regularly, and the risk of calcification is at the highest. However, there are after-sales complaints regarding its money-back guarantee and service warranty. With its affordable price and effectiveness, this is one of the best salt free softener for the budget-conscious.


#4 HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Free Water Conditioner


HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Free Water Conditioner works similarly with our first best entry by emitting signals to prevent build up of calcium and magnesium particles. However, it was designed similar to a clip, where you attach this device to your water line with its dedicated hole. This product snugs right to your pipes up to 38 mm diameter, measuring 2.7 x 1.2 x 4.5 inches and weighs about a pound. While a tad pricey, it can support water system to homes and kitchens up to 5,000 square feet. This makes HydroFLOW S38 as one of our best picks for salt free softeners this year.


We find its design very novel, as softeners are normally large that homeowners have complaints with the space. The HydroFLOW S38 Chemical Free Water Conditioner is also a heavy-duty product, as this can best manage a water system of large homes. It also comes with surge protector and does not interfere with other electronic devices. What we are iffy about is the nondisclosure of customer after-sales services. Amazon has a return period, but potential buyers will have no idea on how to send this best salt free softener back to the manufacturer in case of defects.


#3 Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System


Designed for medium-sized households, the Aquios FS-220 Salt Free Water Softener and Filtration System does not need electricity to work. Its technology uses a polyphosphate additive known as Siliphos that work as inhibitor for forming deposits. This best salt free softener also features a 5-micron carbon flock filtration that also works as microbe killer. It lasts for about 6 months and has a 40,000-gallon filtering capacity. The Aquios FS-220 weighs about 7.5 pounds and measures 27 x 10 x 8 inches.


Speaking of after-sales support, we appreciate the Aquios provision of 20-year warranty in this salt free softener. It works best on preventing rust, calcium buildups and lead, on which most units fail to completely filter. Installation is also easy albeit you need a vertical space given Aquios FS-220’s length. However, you also incur continuing operating costs as the cartridge needs to be regularly replaced. There is also no indicator that you reached the 40,000-gallon threshold so it can be hard to know when is the exact time to do this. Quite inconvenient, if we are asked. Yet the filtering system is also its best point, that is why we put this in our best of list for salt free softeners.


#2 Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener


Eddy Water Descaler Electronic Water Softener prevents accumulation and buildups using electromagnetic waves. It has two coils you put on the water supply pipes and these should emit waves to break down compounds. This best salt free softener works on all types of pipes except for iron and lead. It measures 6.7 x 1.6 x 3.5 inches and weighs about 1.4 pounds. Eddy Water Descaler is recommended for water hardness up to 20 grains per gram. Higher than that, it will not be as effective as a softener. The company also provided a 12-month money-back guarantee and lifetime warranty for repairs.


Its compact size and the money back guarantee are our reasons for including this in this best salt free water softener list.  Most companies only offer up to 90 days, perhaps a testament of their confidence in this product. You are also given a lifetime warranty for repairs which we really appreciated. However, its design makes us think that Eddy Descaler is meant to be used indoors. We doubt it will last for long when this is exposed to inclement weather conditions. This also cannot support large homes given its compact size. However, most pipeline systems are located indoors so this is just a minor flaw on our part.


#1 Aquasana THD-AS20 SimplySoft Salt Free Water Softener


For the best salt free water softener in our list, Aquasana THD-AS20 SimplySoft is a component of more expensive whole house filter. We think that this softener works best on its own without consuming electricity nor leaving wastewater on it. Instead, it has the Aquasana’s patented salt free softening technology that alter the structure of calcium and magnesium ions to avoid mineral deposits. This weighs about 9 pounds and measures 5 x 14 x 23 inches. You will need to have adequate vertical space to install this in your pipeline.


This best standalone softener is not only excellent in preventing deposits but also filters silt and other sediments in your water system. However, a plumber’s help is needed in installing the Aquasana THD-AS20 SimplySoft. Maintenance is almost nonexistent though you need to change filters once in a while. Lastly, counterfeits of this softener circulating in the market are rampant and we advise you to buy from legit online resellers.




Salt free softeners do not really change the chemical hardness of the water, and we think these do not have to. As long as buildups are prevented, this is enough to prevent damage in your home devices. We hoped this list of best salt free softener helped you pick the best product you need.